Our representation at the World Championship in Leogang, Austria


WMS 2018 Leogang

The accommodation was perfect for good money and in an excellent position: to start

Even the evening evaluation will be reached on foot. We missed the opening ceremony, but

CZ was represented by Božidaráci. We arrived to the later opening

party at the SkiHerzog bar. Then after party in our apartment

accommodation. Kozel had to unpack his pharmacy with Verča for Verča

choosing the right pain pills.

On Saturday morning we want the slope as soon as possible because it is available

All-day lift ticket and not just one exit as before.

Kozel mounts bindings on his new skis in the morning, Jirka doesn't understand why

others nervously step on and Frďas adjusts the binding of Verča, which they released

back and will race.

Finally, registration, takeover of skis and boots at the bottom station of the new cable car and

we go upstairs. Wonderful weather, it was raining in the snow last days, that's it

know, however, given the last year and the situation in our country - excellent conditions.

The track was built in an interesting way: a difficult start, straights, icy driving

but we regret that it no longer rides from the top of Asitz, but from

middle, old cable cars.

Mrha at the first telemark kneel tore the bindings and improvises with

wire almost to the start. Then most adebere ride your track and mrha do

while changing skis at the lower cable car. They can make the start just like that.

Finally, before the start of Fernlauf we meet Božidarák. Actually v

The category without edges in women and men is dominated by Czechs and Czechs.

Mrs. Ernie of the Anno 1900 club in the oldest category opens the race, that is

Lady with big D, hat down for her performances.

Race for me: I did not stand on skis again, let alone on

jasankách. Dense start, the point is to stay on your feet on a steep slope to

first edge. Somehow I give it, but then I make a bed, everywhere it's ragged and

the goals are uncompromising. Especially not to block Richard,

that takes off after me. Before I get back on the skis, someone is overtaking me.

After all, with that one stick I can not do it all the time, obstructing me, God for

metal tip at the end. I see Bozidarak before going on the forest path from the meadow

how he mounts something in the snow on the bindings, but I just ask if he is ok and

I have to do with breathing out on the icy forest road. I'm pretty good

so I only inject occasionally. Then break again and overtaking me at amazing speed

Erich, leaning / ice, nothing stops him, driving like a cannonball. I suffer for

skis and penultimate section slid down the ice slope on the side. Then

I just stab my last breath to the finish. It's finally over. I spit blood

and I can't breathe. I made about twice, but nothing happened to me!

All arrived, without injury, only Kozel complains about his back. The thighs burned in

goals of everyone- :)

Have a warm snack from the organizers and ski to the last cable car

with arrival to our accommodation. The most unrelenting was the oldest

Joska participant. Before going to the evening announcement, some fall asleep

he won't wake up anymore.

We occupied the royal category without edges, which we are interested in, medals

position. In older men our teacher Telemark Herbert from Zell am won

See, the other was our Joska. On behalf of the younger ladies, Silvia of Feuerkogel won,

second and third place took Božidaračky Martina with Kristýna. For younger men

Erich from Leogang won, he's just a big guy and a big racer and the next

of the year will also ride Kozlovky, so it will be fair. Erich

he put the whole route under a fantastic 5 min, only the first ones could do it

hranaře! Although we know it is not just in skis ... The second was Frďas and the third


Because there was something to celebrate and a beer for 4 € in the beautiful restaurant Kralerhof nám

dear at midnight, we provoked Bozidaraks into their party

camp. These guys and their families came with caravans and parked

directly below the restaurant at the end of the ski slope. There was a grill in the parking lot,

sausages, beer, guitar and I would have been there even now ...

After yesterday, well, everybody gets stuffed into the bedroom. Mrha complains about

ankle, so Richard puts on the ointment and I bandage.


We don't get up very well, but I won with the couch in the living room because I am

did not sleep with chainsaws. All morning / day skiing on the slopes in

downtown Leogang. In the morning, take over skis and boots again. They arrived i

Slovenians. It's no longer the sun, but the weather is good. Not many spectators or skiers

so we usually have a ski slope for ourselves. Other competitors usually "extra"

moc nejezdí ...

The guys disturb the attention of a few spectators of the race by a mass show

ski slopes.

Crate Day One:

Slalom was also excellent:

Frďas I knew the results before I went to the house with Jiri, but you were again


Day Two results and photos here: