Report  from the Austrian Championship - Embach 2019


2nd Austrian nostalgic skiing championship, EMBACH 2.2.2019

A part of HOVRCH is already on Thursday and enjoys a beautiful Friday skiing, part arrives on Friday night. On Saturday at the scrutineering we meet with another Czech who combined participation with family skiing holiday. In total, we are 6.

It rains all morning (like raining).

The scrutineering at the hotel and restaurant Kraemerwirt on the small square in Embach starts after 8 am. I would not like to be wrong, but apparently because of us have made an extra category "Koenigs Klasse Nachbau" (royal class-newly made skis). However, Joska also had old originals with him, so he competed in the highest category.

Me, Vašek and Karel got the sticker "Nachbau" on our Kozlovky. Verča and Terezka also rode "Nachbau" Kozlovka for baby, of course we are talking about skis / category without edges and free heel.

The opening ceremony in front of the restaurant was attended by a nice mayor, and the photo shoot on the snow podium with posters of sponsors was also held in the rain, some of them were desperate to lubricate the skis. The Austrians from Leogang predicted that it would improve and the sun would be sunny this afternoon ... so we believed J

We managed to leave the ski slope and before the mass start of the ski slope (after categories, max. 4 competitors on the track) from the half of the ski slope, once we managed to go down the icy corduroy. After the congress we had a lunch break and then the slalom started after the starting numbers. The organizer Rudi hummed from me this morning that he wanted to ride a telemark, so whoever goes to slalom gets extra points for the beauty of the style. So I got fooled and I was the only one to ride it, and of course I couldn't have had a good time.

Nevertheless, Vašek and Karel raced to the fullest, so I was sure there would be a box for the Czech Republic. Joska held in both disciplines but raced with world champion Erich, so it wasn't easy at all.

In the morning it stopped raining and in the afternoon the sun was shining. Frozen snow gave way to wet and beautifully ridden without edges ... enough to believe J

After four o'clock we go to the restaurant, where in the morning started on a great stew included in the entry fee. The band is playing and we are just waiting for results announcement:

Koenigs Klasse men: 1st Erich, 2nd Gerhard, 3rd Joska (Anno 1900 Leogang + HOVRCH)

Koenigs Klasse Nachbau men: 1. Karel, 2. Vašek, 3. me (HOVRCH only)

Koenigs Klasse Nachbau Women: 1. Terezka, 2. Veronika (only HOVRCH)

then just the edges, candahar etc.

After the announcement of going home, I made it before midnight. The others celebrate till 22h and Vašek calls me the next morning that 45cm of wet snow was blowing in the morning and had to throw a shovel car for an hour to leave...