Manufacture of wooden skis


Wooden ski is a unique piece of art with the soul of nature. The drawing of wood, together with stiffness and weight, will tell practically everything about where the wood has grown for the ski, the conditions, the nutrients and the effects it has been exposed to. It is not just a production that takes about a week and two years to dry. But there are projected many decades of growth and life of a hefty ash tree, which creates a wonderful, not only sports equipment, which, thanks to the skillful hands of a carpenter, can still be hundreds of years.

Skis produced by us will find a full range of applications. The wooden ski is very flexible, can be made to measure and is light. Therefore, it is easy to run through the mountains downhill slopes both classic Christians and thanks to the free heel also telemar arch. The ski, complete with climbing belts, is literally designed for winter walks by any mountain landscape with added value in terms of period style and uniqueness. Each pair of skis is a unique imprint of the history of the original tree.

Separate chapter are period meetings and races on the ash, where without wooden skis practically nothing to do. It is an eye-catching sight when countless period-dressed skiers in the telemark arch are chasing down the slope. In my opinion, a perfectly mastered telemark arch is just the highlight of ski enjoyment and ash skis are ideal tools. I sold the modern telemark equipment myself and I go down the slopes only on wooden ones.

Photos from production