classic ash skis FRYML with surface treatment

1 pair of ash skis without bindings and with surface treatment.

Our wooden skis are ideal for wandering through winter nature away from busy cross-country trails and crowded ski resorts. They are a suitable choice for ski mountaineering tours, ski hikes, freeride, backcountry, but also on the slopes. You will definitely not fit in the crowd on these skis! Unique design and handmade production will make you the stars of the slopes, at least aesthetically :-)

The skis produced are made mainly from selected ash dried in a natural way and processed according to the family tradition.

The skis can be either from the top side: varnished or impregnated with linseed oil, turpentine, carbole and possibly by agreement another surface can be applied

Base: we supply either lacquered or impregnated with pine tar, or impregnated with beeswax

Skis can also be purchased with our new Bildstein type bindings in a nickel-plated finish. When you buy skis together with bindings, you save!

Skis can be delivered including one pole, or two poles and climbing belts.

Size: 165cm, 175cm, 185cm, 195cm

9,400.00 Kč