Wolf sled (rennenwolf) for pushing and pulling


Stylish ash sleds (rennenwolf) suitable for pushing, pulling or ordinary sledding. The slides are wide and wooden, so they slide better even in deep snow. An adult man can comfortably fit on the seat of the sled with his legs outstretched, and the curved backrest will increase your comfort. The backrest is also a handle for pushing the sled. A pusher can put on extended skis while driving downhill and ride as well. The production of sleds is manual work, so each piece is a unique and stylish piece of equipment for winter sports and fun. Wolves should not be missing from any mountain hut, as they are an ideal means of transport for children, adults, and other cargo.

The width of the sled is 48 cm

length of skis 182 cm (length can be adjusted on request)

the handle is 91 cm high

Material: Ash

14,600.00 Kč